Estate Administration

Properly administering a deceased person's estate can be a complex and confusing task. Carswell & Company Solicitors can assist you throughout this process. Whether you are a beneficiary under the will or the appointed executor of the estate, we can help you understand your rights and obligations.

The role of an Executor or Administrator in a deceased estate includes: applying for probate of the will, verifying the estate assets and liabilities, ensuring bequests under a will are properly carried out and that the payment of all estate debts is completed.

On your behalf, our team can prepare all the necessary court documents and contact various institutions that may be holding estate assets. We are able to liaise with all levels of government and provide advice that may be required in relation to disputed wills.

Our estate lawyers can assist with the following:

  • General advice on the administration of a deceased estate;
  • Obtaining Probate or Letters of Administration;
  • Family Provision Applications (“FPA”s) or construction of Wills;
  • Liaison with estate creditors, accountants and other tax advisors and estate beneficiaries.